Credit- Sebastian Magnani

Sebastian Magnani born 21st feb 1985 in Brig/Valais, Switzerland,discovered that he had a passion for photography.Whilst training as a media designer .After 5 years later as a graphic designer and creative in an advertising agency in 2011 he decided in 2011 to turn his passion into a profession.Since then he his making his living in Bern,Switzerland as a professional photographer.It is very visible from his works that how focused and talented he his , in his album named as underdogs 1 and 2 he has tried to depict the dogs in the human form and has done it very successfully wherin it appears that dogs looks much similar to humans.There is without any doubt a funny part to this but the works are truly fantastic

Credit- UniqueDaily

These School going children are making some interesting efforts to bring creativity in workouts during gym.The coach also makes every effort to make them successful in what ever they want to achieve.What ever comes out of this exercise is something that we can only guess but watching such Push ups makes a great scene to watch just because of the uniqueness of the act.I would say that These kind of workouts are rarely seen.

Pirates of the Caribbean EyesThe Wizard of Oz EyesNightmare Before Christmas EyesSuper Mario EyesLion King EyesHot Air Balloon EyesHarry Potter EyesHalloween Eyes Fairy EyesCity EyesCarnival Sunset EyesAlice in Wonderland Eyes

Canada based Katie Alves creates Disney themed eye art that can easily captivate anybody’s’ imagination. A lot of detailing and focus goes into making such eye art. The diverse use of colors is worth mentioning.

Created by famous 80 year old artist Seward Johnson, this 26 foot tall statue of Marylin Monroe called “Forever Marylin” has caused quite a stir among the people of Chicago. So much was this statue panned that it was dismantled and installed in Palm Springs, California.

Brain Baity

Brian Baity’s work is showcased all over the world. He takes his artistic brilliance a notch up with these incredible egg shells that have been created using a high-speed carving tool called paragraver. A high level of concentration and patience is required in creating these delicate egg carvings.

Smoking is hazardous to health, but how does one explain this to a crow? Here are some hilarious pics that capture the funniest moments in a detailed manner. Weird things and must read jokes that will fill your day with laughter and fun. The married Spiderman is a personal favorite here. What is yours?