Credit- Chris Duffy

This wonderful design of uplifting table as the name given The Up Table is designed by master illusionist Chris Duffy.He worked with the concept of levitation and buoyancy .

The table gives the feeling as if the Top glass is lifted by the golden balloons under it making this a wonderful and unique design never seen before.This table is limited edition

of 20 and can be bought for 5800 euros from Duffy London and Lamberty Gallery Pimlico.



Credit- Axel van Exel & Marian Neulant

Floppies though not used now days can be remembered by their beautiful and unique design and shape in the form of table.No one can expect such a connection between a obsolete

technology and furniture.This amazing connection is made possible by Axel Van Exel And Marian Neulant.The table is made from hot rolled steel and can be ordered by email.The

price could be any but the finishing and the design makes this table a beautiful looking peace of art one would easily admire to buy.