The sugary yet creative edition of these amazing cakes will surely add a personalized touch to those
special events. Right from dragon lovers to Mario players, there is something for everyone. The first one
here depicts Winnie the Pooh resting close to a honey pot along with his friends hovering over the base
of the cake. Designs like these will definitely your kids on their birthdays. Then there is the level 4 Mario
along with the treasure keeping dragon in green. The blue and white icing cake on this list is a perfect
wedding cake which speaks loads about going cool and blue on your wedding.

For the Noah fans,there is the holy arc which looks way too trendy like an exotic boat with the giraffes,
pigs and loads of other creatures being saved on the dooms day. There is also a panda trying to peep
from the back of the ship which is amazingly funny. At first sight these cakes may appear like dummies
but they are actually delectable chunks of chocolate, fruits and cream decorated in the most wonderful
way possible for a memorable time.