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Credit-  From The Lenz

Credit- Pierre Carreau

Credit- Erwan Fichou

Credit- Matt Molloy

Credit- Ray Villafane


Some Place in Sydney

The Skyline of Melbourne

State Theater Sydney

Bridge at Sidney

Downtown Melbourne

Credit-  Trey Ratcliff



Chasel He

Wolves lead their entire lives as a part of their pack. They grow together and die together. This cute little
picture shows the amazing companionship which white wolves share even as cubs. This pair of white
wolves has a hilarious side and the picture depicts a whole lot about the love and friendship that these
two share in an amazingly genuine manner.

White wolves are commonly called artic wolves and are found in regions like Canadian arctic, Alaska and
more. They are usually known for their snow white fur and long canines which can tear down the prey
in minutes. Wolf pups are born blind and deaf, weighing somewhere close to a pound. During the early
stages, these pups are dependent on their mother for food and care. It is only when they are over 5
weeks of age that these pups move out of their safety den and venture in the cold white world of arctic
which is filled with lurking predators looking for an easy meal. The pack takes care of the little ones
when the mother is away for food.








The sugary yet creative edition of these amazing cakes will surely add a personalized touch to those
special events. Right from dragon lovers to Mario players, there is something for everyone. The first one
here depicts Winnie the Pooh resting close to a honey pot along with his friends hovering over the base
of the cake. Designs like these will definitely your kids on their birthdays. Then there is the level 4 Mario
along with the treasure keeping dragon in green. The blue and white icing cake on this list is a perfect
wedding cake which speaks loads about going cool and blue on your wedding.

For the Noah fans,there is the holy arc which looks way too trendy like an exotic boat with the giraffes,
pigs and loads of other creatures being saved on the dooms day. There is also a panda trying to peep
from the back of the ship which is amazingly funny. At first sight these cakes may appear like dummies
but they are actually delectable chunks of chocolate, fruits and cream decorated in the most wonderful
way possible for a memorable time.

Paul Bica

Who says that a photographer is only limited to natural wonders and life elements for the perfect subject? Paul Bica is a Toronto, Canada based architectural photographer who has the talent to capture extraordinary masterpieces out of ordinary subjects. Bica can transform a simple urban setup into a fairytale world with artistic features that are par magical. Over this his work reflects professional caliber and superb quality to top it all.

Luuk Belgers

Dutch nature photographer Luuk Belgers creative photography is the talk of the town.  His work captures pretty sights and moments in the tiniest form for very realistic outcomes. Luuk’s inspiration comes from the river during the summer months which is full of life with insects, King Fishers, beavers and other birds. As a nature photographer Luuk tries to be absolutely original.

Luuk Belgers

The bokeh or blurring effect in photography is used to create an unusual feeling of focus on a particular object. In these pictures bokeh effect has been added to bird images for a very beautiful combination of background and the unique bird species with their respective colors and features.

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”
Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Ben Heine the talented illustrator as well as photographer has put together the amazing project called Pencil V/S Camera. His idea behind this unique art and picture portrayal is to merge two different elements into the same scene. A strong perspective is built around the picture by matching background scenery and lines. These visual touches are a favorite among photographers and artists who admire the sense of creativity that Ben has fused into every of these interesting photos.


They say flowers are the most beautiful creation of god on earth and we help you realize the same with a range of wonderful creative pictures. Flowers can impress, express and refresh your thoughts at any time. Yes flowers can take your breath away and these amazing pics with vibrant flowers will surely leave you ecstatic. Get ready to be charmed under the spell of blooming beauty..

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