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Credit Barry Bland

By- Mija

By- nipomen2

Credit-   Allard Scager

Credit-  From The Lenz


Credit- David Fung

Credit- Pierre Carreau

Credit- Matt Molloy

Night Before Christmas

Christmas Carol Eyes

The Hobbit Eyes

Trick or Treat Eyes

Cheshire Cat

New Years Eve

Queen Of Hearts

Warm Bodies


Credit- Katie Alves



Chasel He

Wolves lead their entire lives as a part of their pack. They grow together and die together. This cute little
picture shows the amazing companionship which white wolves share even as cubs. This pair of white
wolves has a hilarious side and the picture depicts a whole lot about the love and friendship that these
two share in an amazingly genuine manner.

White wolves are commonly called artic wolves and are found in regions like Canadian arctic, Alaska and
more. They are usually known for their snow white fur and long canines which can tear down the prey
in minutes. Wolf pups are born blind and deaf, weighing somewhere close to a pound. During the early
stages, these pups are dependent on their mother for food and care. It is only when they are over 5
weeks of age that these pups move out of their safety den and venture in the cold white world of arctic
which is filled with lurking predators looking for an easy meal. The pack takes care of the little ones
when the mother is away for food.




Credit-Chris Kotsiopoulos


Mother Nature has many wonders and photography can capture these to highlight the beauty and elegance of these elements.  Thunderbolt is an extraordinary feature which when captured on camera can create mesmerizing art forms.

Luuk Belgers

The bokeh or blurring effect in photography is used to create an unusual feeling of focus on a particular object. In these pictures bokeh effect has been added to bird images for a very beautiful combination of background and the unique bird species with their respective colors and features.

Luuk Belgers

The sun rays scattering amidst the woods in their mightiest glory and delight. Here’s presenting a collection of extremely beautiful pictures with the trees and sun playing magic in the background. Maybe this is what one can call as enchanted woods.


They say flowers are the most beautiful creation of god on earth and we help you realize the same with a range of wonderful creative pictures. Flowers can impress, express and refresh your thoughts at any time. Yes flowers can take your breath away and these amazing pics with vibrant flowers will surely leave you ecstatic. Get ready to be charmed under the spell of blooming beauty..

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