Beefeater-Santa1 Billy-Connolly Vege-head2001-A-Breadscape Bread-Vase Bread-Village Candy-Cottage Chocolate-Express Corn-Candle Crockerville Cucumber-Bridge EA-Cottage Lettuce-Seascape2 Pasta-Island Pumpkin-Paradise Tatziki-Bridge1 UB-Great-Wall1 UB-Mayan-Temple1 UB-Taj-Mahal1

Credit- Carl Warner


Credit – John Nouanesing


Credit- Guido Daniele

Credit- Chris Duffy

This wonderful design of uplifting table as the name given The Up Table is designed by master illusionist Chris Duffy.He worked with the concept of levitation and buoyancy .

The table gives the feeling as if the Top glass is lifted by the golden balloons under it making this a wonderful and unique design never seen before.This table is limited edition

of 20 and can be bought for 5800 euros from Duffy London and Lamberty Gallery Pimlico.


From The first look you would think that these are Children’s Knitted Sweaters But these are Oil Paintings by Rogério Degaki

A Brazil based Artist.He Makes his paintings by Using mathematical techniques by overlapping six layers of colors and then

eventually making a symmetrical design having the shape of childhood sweaters.Yes one completely get blown away when

he things that these are not sweaters.Degaki is an artist who is working from about last ten years in this field and carries a

versatile experience.

Credit- Ben Heine


Credit- Nick Veasey

Credit-   Roberto Bernardi

Credit- Diegokoi


Alyssa Monks

Mysteries, seduction, translucent are some of the themes Alyssa Monks uses to create brilliant paintings. Her paintings have a life like quality that transcends a person to another place.

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”
Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Ben Heine the talented illustrator as well as photographer has put together the amazing project called Pencil V/S Camera. His idea behind this unique art and picture portrayal is to merge two different elements into the same scene. A strong perspective is built around the picture by matching background scenery and lines. These visual touches are a favorite among photographers and artists who admire the sense of creativity that Ben has fused into every of these interesting photos.