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Credit- Greg Anderson

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Credit Barry Bland

Credit- Cristian Girotto  Photography- Quentin Curtat


Credit- David Fung

Credit- Erwan Fichou

Credit- Ray Villafane


Chasel He

Wolves lead their entire lives as a part of their pack. They grow together and die together. This cute little
picture shows the amazing companionship which white wolves share even as cubs. This pair of white
wolves has a hilarious side and the picture depicts a whole lot about the love and friendship that these
two share in an amazingly genuine manner.

White wolves are commonly called artic wolves and are found in regions like Canadian arctic, Alaska and
more. They are usually known for their snow white fur and long canines which can tear down the prey
in minutes. Wolf pups are born blind and deaf, weighing somewhere close to a pound. During the early
stages, these pups are dependent on their mother for food and care. It is only when they are over 5
weeks of age that these pups move out of their safety den and venture in the cold white world of arctic
which is filled with lurking predators looking for an easy meal. The pack takes care of the little ones
when the mother is away for food.




Credit- Robban.G

They say laughter is the best medicine. We cannot agree more! Have a great time with these super funny pictures and give laughter a whole new meaning!

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”
Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Cr-“© Ben Heine – 2012 (”

Ben Heine the talented illustrator as well as photographer has put together the amazing project called Pencil V/S Camera. His idea behind this unique art and picture portrayal is to merge two different elements into the same scene. A strong perspective is built around the picture by matching background scenery and lines. These visual touches are a favorite among photographers and artists who admire the sense of creativity that Ben has fused into every of these interesting photos.

Unleash those wild emotions with these hilarious pics capturing the uncensored humor of these animals with a knack to make you laugh. The cat with an angry look to begin with and the dog funny pictures here are just some interesting mediums to push you out of the monotony linked with daily life. Laugh out loud with these funny animal pictures.

Smoking is hazardous to health, but how does one explain this to a crow? Here are some hilarious pics that capture the funniest moments in a detailed manner. Weird things and must read jokes that will fill your day with laughter and fun. The married Spiderman is a personal favorite here. What is yours?

This is Dog that makes you laugh

Dogs can make you laugh with their amazing acts. Want some proof; please go through our funny dogs pics. Yes, dogs can make you laugh. Dogs are kept by men due to their loyalty, wisdom, and usefulness. Sometimes this smart animal also does something so funny that you simply find yourself helplessly laughing around. So, these cute animals are also the part of our world of amazement and smiles.

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   Do you think people can be easily counted if they are in a group? Think again, because we have a challenge for you to check your mathematic ability to count people. This pic of people loaded over a single truck is absolutely amazing. There are innumerous people bundled one on another. Its so similar to an animal herd the only difference is that this a human herd loaded on a truck. Wonder how the truck is moving. An interesting picture with uncountable number of people loaded over a truck moving across a desert.