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Credit- Kevin Lck

Beefeater-Santa1 Billy-Connolly Vege-head2001-A-Breadscape Bread-Vase Bread-Village Candy-Cottage Chocolate-Express Corn-Candle Crockerville Cucumber-Bridge EA-Cottage Lettuce-Seascape2 Pasta-Island Pumpkin-Paradise Tatziki-Bridge1 UB-Great-Wall1 UB-Mayan-Temple1 UB-Taj-Mahal1

Credit- Carl Warner

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Credit- Kota Hiratsuka


Talent in Art can be of any art.Sand art is one of the unique form that is there.Sand artist from all over the world show there talent every year in this sand art festival.This annual even takes place in every summers in Belgium.People not only enjoy the sun near the beaches but also these magnificent structures.This festival has just recently kicked of having carvings from films to fictional characters like robocop,there are also carvings for politicians like lincon and many others.In total there are about 150 amazing structures for display in the sand art festival and the number is increasing as this festival will continue till 15th September 2013.



Credit- Cheeming Boey

Photos: Tom Vack, Munich. (c) Ingo Maurer GmbH, Munich

Light from Cracked egg shells looks fascinating this is the whole reason Igor Munich designed the cracked egg shells.Initially

introduced as ceramic table lamps in 1996 has inspired a whole new Art form.Anyone can enter the massive oval egg and look

up for the beauty of the design.The egg shaped structures are all set to be built in at art park in inhotim ,Brazil.Igor said while

exhibiting the egg shells at Milan Desing week that: “The egg shape, perfect and beautiful, is a recurring element in my work.

In fact, there’s a direct connection to Milan: the egg in Piero della Francesca’s Montefeltro altarpiece, belonging to the Pina-

coteca di Brera, holds a particular fascination for me. However, for me the egg had to be flawed: it is broken, and light emer-ges

from the cracks.”