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Credit- Kyle Bean

This one is innovation.Kyle a UK based Artist is passionate for craft and conceptual thinking.Kyle tries to create hi works from everyday stuff and hand craft techniques.He is featured in wide range of publications and has gone on to exhibit at the Art Directors Club and International Design Biennial.


Credit- Axel van Exel & Marian Neulant

Floppies though not used now days can be remembered by their beautiful and unique design and shape in the form of table.No one can expect such a connection between a obsolete

technology and furniture.This amazing connection is made possible by Axel Van Exel And Marian Neulant.The table is made from hot rolled steel and can be ordered by email.The

price could be any but the finishing and the design makes this table a beautiful looking peace of art one would easily admire to buy.


Credit- Klaus Leidorf

Aerial Photography is all together a different view a different aspect of photography.In this kind of photography no preparation is required before the start of the shoot.The only thing required is positioning the camera from a plane to the ground in a way that it covers a pattern that is mesmerizing to watch.These amazing pictures though test the skills of the photographer with the camera but the outcome of this effort is amazing as we can see.In these images by Klaus Leidorf you can see the colorful farmlands,the pattern of trees,the designs on the huge farmlands,the beauty of colorful boats seen from the top,the houses of the colonies making designs from their roofs.Klaus have made every effort to get something tangible out of every click and he has succeeded to large extent.

From The first look you would think that these are Children’s Knitted Sweaters But these are Oil Paintings by Rogério Degaki

A Brazil based Artist.He Makes his paintings by Using mathematical techniques by overlapping six layers of colors and then

eventually making a symmetrical design having the shape of childhood sweaters.Yes one completely get blown away when

he things that these are not sweaters.Degaki is an artist who is working from about last ten years in this field and carries a

versatile experience.

Credit- Cristian Girotto  Photography- Quentin Curtat

Credit- JLambus

Credit- Ben Heine


Credit-  Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect  Photos by- Cameron Neilson

Fennell Residence Is Yet another Masterpiece from Oshatz Architects.The main

Fascinating feature of this house is that it is a floating house and thus it provided

a Unique opportunity for design to Robert Harvey.The Glass used is very expensive

and it embraces the river and captures the sun set.There is a sliding glass to go to

the deck.One beautiful bead room sits on the study room and looks over the

Living area.Curves of the house gives a beautiful shape and enhances the beauty

when the light passes through it.On the hole the house is one of the dream houses

one can imagine.



Credit- Simon Beck

By- Mija

By- nipomen2

Credit- Nick Veasey

Credit- Peter Callesen