Credit- Ben Heine


Credit-  Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect  Photos by- Cameron Neilson

Fennell Residence Is Yet another Masterpiece from Oshatz Architects.The main

Fascinating feature of this house is that it is a floating house and thus it provided

a Unique opportunity for design to Robert Harvey.The Glass used is very expensive

and it embraces the river and captures the sun set.There is a sliding glass to go to

the deck.One beautiful bead room sits on the study room and looks over the

Living area.Curves of the house gives a beautiful shape and enhances the beauty

when the light passes through it.On the hole the house is one of the dream houses

one can imagine.



By- Mija

By- nipomen2

Credit- Peter Callesen

Credit- Sean E. Avery

Credit- Diegokoi


Credit-   Allard Scager

Credit-  From The Lenz


Credit- David Fung

Credit- Pierre Carreau

Credit- Erwan Fichou

Credit- Matt Molloy

Night Before Christmas

Christmas Carol Eyes

The Hobbit Eyes

Trick or Treat Eyes

Cheshire Cat

New Years Eve

Queen Of Hearts

Warm Bodies


Credit- Katie Alves


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