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Credit- Greg Anderson

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Credit- Kevin Lck

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Credit Barry Bland

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Credit-  Ferdi Friat

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Credit- Nicky Bay


Credit- Kota Hiratsuka


The Jelly Fish


War Hammer


A Heart for All Mothers


Inverse Cup




Red Jelly Fish

Credit-  Markus Reugels

Credit- Klaus Leidorf

Aerial Photography is all together a different view a different aspect of photography.In this kind of photography no preparation is required before the start of the shoot.The only thing required is positioning the camera from a plane to the ground in a way that it covers a pattern that is mesmerizing to watch.These amazing pictures though test the skills of the photographer with the camera but the outcome of this effort is amazing as we can see.In these images by Klaus Leidorf you can see the colorful farmlands,the pattern of trees,the designs on the huge farmlands,the beauty of colorful boats seen from the top,the houses of the colonies making designs from their roofs.Klaus have made every effort to get something tangible out of every click and he has succeeded to large extent.

Photos: Tom Vack, Munich. (c) Ingo Maurer GmbH, Munich

Light from Cracked egg shells looks fascinating this is the whole reason Igor Munich designed the cracked egg shells.Initially

introduced as ceramic table lamps in 1996 has inspired a whole new Art form.Anyone can enter the massive oval egg and look

up for the beauty of the design.The egg shaped structures are all set to be built in at art park in inhotim ,Brazil.Igor said while

exhibiting the egg shells at Milan Desing week that: “The egg shape, perfect and beautiful, is a recurring element in my work.

In fact, there’s a direct connection to Milan: the egg in Piero della Francesca’s Montefeltro altarpiece, belonging to the Pina-

coteca di Brera, holds a particular fascination for me. However, for me the egg had to be flawed: it is broken, and light emer-ges

from the cracks.”



Photo Credit- Seoul Korea

Photo Credit- Bethany Maxwell

Photo Credit- Alex

This Beautiful Photo Gallery Of Colorful  Lanterns is seen Every year in Seoul, South Korea on the eve of Buddha’s birthday.Buddha’s Birthday is celebrated in month of may

in many Asian countries including India and Japan.These similar Lanterns can be seen hanging virtually every where- throughout the streets of Korea,Near temples and many

other places.Though whatever the occasion is these Lanterns literally makes the whole atmosphere colorful and a joyful feeling comes every time when one looks at them as if

Buddha is showering the blessings on his worshipers.