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Credit- Nicky Bay

Credit- Klaus Leidorf

Aerial Photography is all together a different view a different aspect of photography.In this kind of photography no preparation is required before the start of the shoot.The only thing required is positioning the camera from a plane to the ground in a way that it covers a pattern that is mesmerizing to watch.These amazing pictures though test the skills of the photographer with the camera but the outcome of this effort is amazing as we can see.In these images by Klaus Leidorf you can see the colorful farmlands,the pattern of trees,the designs on the huge farmlands,the beauty of colorful boats seen from the top,the houses of the colonies making designs from their roofs.Klaus have made every effort to get something tangible out of every click and he has succeeded to large extent.

By- Mija

By- nipomen2

Credit-   Allard Scager

Credit-  From The Lenz

Credit- Pierre Carreau

Credit- Matt Molloy

Luuk Belgers

Dutch nature photographer Luuk Belgers creative photography is the talk of the town.  His work captures pretty sights and moments in the tiniest form for very realistic outcomes. Luuk’s inspiration comes from the river during the summer months which is full of life with insects, King Fishers, beavers and other birds. As a nature photographer Luuk tries to be absolutely original.

Credit-Chris Kotsiopoulos


Mother Nature has many wonders and photography can capture these to highlight the beauty and elegance of these elements.  Thunderbolt is an extraordinary feature which when captured on camera can create mesmerizing art forms.


They say flowers are the most beautiful creation of god on earth and we help you realize the same with a range of wonderful creative pictures. Flowers can impress, express and refresh your thoughts at any time. Yes flowers can take your breath away and these amazing pics with vibrant flowers will surely leave you ecstatic. Get ready to be charmed under the spell of blooming beauty..


The underwater world definitely strings our imagination and more so the art of underwater photography. The vibrancy and life under the clear blue water is truly enchanting. This is what Luis Guijarro has tried to capture through his photographic brilliance. Discover what lies within with these high resolution photos.

Unleash those wild emotions with these hilarious pics capturing the uncensored humor of these animals with a knack to make you laugh. The cat with an angry look to begin with and the dog funny pictures here are just some interesting mediums to push you out of the monotony linked with daily life. Laugh out loud with these funny animal pictures.

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