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Credit-  Ferdi Friat

Beefeater-Santa1 Billy-Connolly Vege-head2001-A-Breadscape Bread-Vase Bread-Village Candy-Cottage Chocolate-Express Corn-Candle Crockerville Cucumber-Bridge EA-Cottage Lettuce-Seascape2 Pasta-Island Pumpkin-Paradise Tatziki-Bridge1 UB-Great-Wall1 UB-Mayan-Temple1 UB-Taj-Mahal1

Credit- Carl Warner


Credit – John Nouanesing

Drop Of Colors


The Joker

The BatMan


Falling Earth

Game Of Chess

Whole world In A Drop

Credit- Markus Reugels

These Drops of water make the very phenomenon of refraction alive and are a beauty to watch.Artist Markus worked hard to get the complete image of the backdrop and thus giving a direction to his photography.All of the above starting from the Colorful Drop to World in a Drop are awesome.The clear water gives the elegance to every drop.The first one shows the creativity of the  Markus in which all the colors joins to form a colorful water ball,The Joker has its own appeal and similarly every refraction is unique and an example of amazing Art.

Credit- Zebrating

Credit- Nick Veasey

Credit-   Roberto Bernardi

Credit- Diegokoi


Alyssa Monks

Mysteries, seduction, translucent are some of the themes Alyssa Monks uses to create brilliant paintings. Her paintings have a life like quality that transcends a person to another place.

Ben Heine

Brussels based visual artist Ben Heine uses hand drawn pencil drawings and inserts them in real life photographs in a surreal and symbolic way. Astonishingly precise and accurate, a lot of effort goes into aligning the objects so as to make the optical illusion seem real.


Bokeh comes from the Japanese term meaning “Blur or Haze”. These excellent pieces with the blurring impression, also known as Bokeh photography can transform into awesome wallpapers for your desktop screen. The pictures here are a creative example of Bokeh photography with an eye for detail. The photographer has captured stunning shots playing with the lens and focus.

This is an artistic work from Japanese artists.One of the arts from paper that is never seen before.Very clearly the expressions of day to day life is shown in paper form, a very unique form of art.Just amazing.

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