Credit-  Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect  Photos by- Cameron Neilson

Fennell Residence Is Yet another Masterpiece from Oshatz Architects.The main

Fascinating feature of this house is that it is a floating house and thus it provided

a Unique opportunity for design to Robert Harvey.The Glass used is very expensive

and it embraces the river and captures the sun set.There is a sliding glass to go to

the deck.One beautiful bead room sits on the study room and looks over the

Living area.Curves of the house gives a beautiful shape and enhances the beauty

when the light passes through it.On the hole the house is one of the dream houses

one can imagine.




Some Place in Sydney

The Skyline of Melbourne

State Theater Sydney

Bridge at Sidney

Downtown Melbourne

Credit-  Trey Ratcliff



Credit-VJ Spectra



Night serves as the perfect backdrop for taking some of the most amazing pictures-Lights that look
like magic, sparkling in the dark black sky and adding ambience to the place. Here is a collection of
professionally taken pictures that will catch your eye and imagination.

As we know it cities transform into a different world after the sunset and this acts as a reason for these
amazing pictures. Night is the perfect time for photographers to take out their cameras and capture
some of the most amazing shots possible.

Night photography is an art which refers to pictures taken in between dusk and dawn. These pictures
essentially capture the beauty of city life at dark hours.


Paul Bica

Who says that a photographer is only limited to natural wonders and life elements for the perfect subject? Paul Bica is a Toronto, Canada based architectural photographer who has the talent to capture extraordinary masterpieces out of ordinary subjects. Bica can transform a simple urban setup into a fairytale world with artistic features that are par magical. Over this his work reflects professional caliber and superb quality to top it all.


A tree house usually evokes images of a rusty little wooden space placed on the tree top which usually serves as a hiding ground for kids. Well here is presenting the all modernized tree house with features that are better than a luxury condo. A spacious lounge, dining space, glass panes, interior décor and exclusive furniture are amongst some of the many features fitted within this tree house.