New Fashoin of Pink Lip Tattoos in Nigeria

  • SumoMe

What men can do to look attractive for girls is something one can easily imagine but sometimes it could be difficult.Yes it could be when men do the unexpected and bizarre things.The New fashion in Nigerian men is a similar bizarre new attraction for girls.Men are making there lips look more pink by tattooing their lips.It cost about 7000 Naira ($45) Nigerian currency.Men are so happy to go for this tattooing that it is a common trend among them now adays.

In this procedure the black lips are cleaned of excess skin and tattooed pink.According to the report by that documented the whole procedure in a video.The effects are permanent and there are lot of demerits with this new fashion.The pain associated with it is one,then it could result into prolonged stinging sensation and inflammation and if not done properly it can result into Keloids.The infection is always a possibility considering the unhygienic environment.


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